After Hours With Julian Banks

Join Julian Banks, née Brian Wilson, on the After Hours Podcast! Between debuting his hit track with Snoop Dogg on the mainstage of Tomorrowland and headlining festivals alongside Phantogram, Julian Banks has proven his ability to comfortably shift between the realms of electronic music and indie aesthetics. Banks founded the company, Univox, and spearheaded the company’s initial web3 project with Snoop Dogg that generated over $10 million in transaction volume since it was released, and became a top 10 project on the Solana network. Originally a studio musician, playing viola, guitar, and piano, Banks has combined his passion for orchestral scoring and electronic music by partnering with the top film composers and electronic artists in Los Angeles at their music studio compound in Venice, CA. Banks is also an avid screenwriter with 2 scripts at the top of the Black List, and has previously executive produced films starring Charlie Sheen, Josh Gad, and Jane Adams.

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Tuesday May 07, 2024

Welcome to AFTER HOURS, where we dive into the dynamic intersection of law, tech, and innovation. In this episode, we're thrilled to host Matt Bilinsky, an LA-based attorney and content creator known for his insightful take on emerging trends.
Get ready for a deep dive into Artificial Intelligence, Bitcoin, BRICS, Putin, and Startup Growth Hacks. Matt brings his legal expertise and tech insights to the table, offering a fresh perspective on pressing issues shaping our digital world.
Join us as we unravel the legal implications of AI, explore the potential of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and discuss the geopolitical landscape. Plus, Matt shares growth hacks to propel startups to success.
Whether you're an entrepreneur, legal enthusiast, or tech buff, this episode offers a captivating look into the future. Tune in now to expand your understanding of law, tech, and entrepreneurship.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Welcome to AFTER HOURS, your gateway to the cutting edge of technology, creativity, and innovation. In this episode, we're honored to host Taryn Southern, a true pioneer in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), content creation, and futuristic music.
Join us as we delve into the mind of Taryn Southern, a specialist in AI with a knack for pushing boundaries. From advising boardrooms on AI strategies to crafting groundbreaking content, Taryn's expertise spans across industries.
Prepare to be amazed as we explore Taryn's journey, including her groundbreaking achievement of releasing the world's first AI-generated album. With a finger on the pulse of AI's potential, Taryn shares insights that will leave you inspired and awestruck.
Discover how AI is revolutionizing the creative process, transforming industries, and challenging the status quo. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a creative visionary, or simply curious about the future, this episode promises to ignite your imagination.
Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation – tune in to After Hours now and join us as we unravel the mysteries of artificial intelligence with the remarkable Taryn Southern. Hit that subscribe button and embark on a journey into the future!

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Welcome to AFTER HOURS, where we pull back the curtain on the music industry's biggest stories and personalities! In this episode, we're honored to sit down with Kenny Hamilton, music manager and empresario, who worked alongside Scooter Braun to guide the trajectory of Justin Bieber.
Join us as we dive into Kenny's journey, from his early days with Justin Bieber to becoming an integral part of his team alongside powerhouse manager Scooter Braun. Get ready for an intimate look at the highs, the challenges, and the unforgettable moments of working with one of the world's biggest pop stars.
Kenny's insights offer a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes world of music management and artist development. From navigating the pressures of fame to building lasting relationships in the industry, Kenny shares invaluable lessons learned from his years on the road with Justin.
Whether you're a Beiber fan, a music industry aficionado, or simply curious about the journey from aspiring artist to global superstar, this episode is a must-listen.
Tune in now to After Hours and join us as we uncover the untold stories of Justin Bieber's rise to fame with the one and only Kenny Hamilton. Hit that subscribe button to stay tuned for more exclusive interviews and insider insights! 

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Welcome back to AFTER HOURS, your go-to destination for insightful conversations with industry leaders! In this episode, we're thrilled to have Alisa Jacobs join us as we delve into the dynamic world of digital marketing.
Join us as we uncover the secrets to dominating digital marketing with Alisa Jacobs, a seasoned expert who has mastered the art of building brands, hosting celebrity activations, and advising companies on their marketing strategies.
Alisa brings a wealth of experience to the table, having spearheaded successful marketing campaigns, orchestrated high-profile events, and driven growth for numerous businesses. Get ready to learn from her firsthand insights and pro tips for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.
Whether you're a seasoned marketer, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply curious about the strategies behind successful brand activations, this episode is packed with actionable advice and inspiring stories.
Tune in now to After Hours and discover how to elevate your digital marketing game with Alisa Jacobs. Hit that subscribe button to stay updated on our latest episodes featuring industry insiders and thought leaders!

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Welcome to AFTER HOURS, where we explore the stories behind innovative businesses and visionary leaders! In this episode, we're excited to sit down with Rob Gregg, Founder and CEO of Gales, a groundbreaking footwear company revolutionizing workwear, particularly in the healthcare sector.
Join us as we dive into Rob's entrepreneurial journey, from the inception of Gales to its mission of providing comfortable and functional footwear. Discover how Rob's passion for both innovation and social impact has driven Gales to become a game-changer in the workwear industry.
In addition to discussing the evolution of Gales, we'll also delve into the intricacies of raising capital for startups. Rob shares invaluable insights into the challenges, triumphs, and strategies involved in securing funding for a growing business, offering practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.
Whether you're interested in the future of workwear, entrepreneurship, or the dynamics of venture capital, this episode promises to deliver engaging conversation and actionable takeaways.
Tune in now to After Hours and join us as we explore the intersection of innovation, business, and social impact with the visionary Rob Gregg. Hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the world of entrepreneurship!

Tuesday May 07, 2024

In this episode of AFTER HOURS, we're thrilled to welcome Tai Savet, the powerhouse behind some of the most exclusive real estate deals in LA. Join us as we delve into the world of luxury property with Tai, a celebrated Celebrity Real Estate Agent, Power Broker, and Founder of PRJCT. 


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